Brief GSoC Update — Interactive Table Resizing and Cell Selections

Hi everybody,

In the coming days, I’ll try to write a longer post with more technical details about my recent work on the project. Until then, here’s a short screencast showing some of the new features; interactive table resizing and cell selections. This time it includes me speaking a bit (!). And the format is now WebM/VP8 instead of Ogg/Theora. White areas in the capture got some weird tinting, but that’s a screencasting problem and not my code :)

Download Video (~12 MB WebM)

Bye ’til next time!

5 thoughts on “Brief GSoC Update — Interactive Table Resizing and Cell Selections

  1. Nice work! Haven’t had a look into scribus for publishing in some time, yet this looks compelling. I have to check it out once this hits a release. When will that be?

  2. Thanks! The goal is for my work to be included in the upcoming 1.5.0 release. There’s a roadmap here. As you can see, 1.5.0 is scheduled for August 31. I’ve talked to the other developers though, and it’s definitely not going to make that date, so I’m afraid I can’t give any more specific date than “ASAP”.

  3. Hello,
    in these days I am before a huge project (ok, huge book) – I am very patient and know well what scribus can and cannot. But one thing that is a must in the book I have mentioned are tables, tables with dotted frames everywhere (imho, it looks really elegant). I have tried your tables and it is great work. But…

    Is it possible to change type and thickness of lines inside a table?

    Thank you very much (for your work and a reply in advance :o)


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