7 thoughts on “A Story with a Happy Ending

  1. I’ve written a long comment for the previous post but it got lost in the process. So to recap:

    I admire the quality of your reports. The English is perfect, the pictures are presented nicely (love that shadow), the fonts – oh those picture caption fonts – man, you *do* have taste!. And of course, there is no unnecessary flood or spam some reporters tend to include in their GSOC report posts.

    I also admire your approach to the project, a serious, academic approach. You are one of the two or three guys here that have used the term “algorithm” in their GSOC reports (and who really know what an “algorithm” is.)

    As a fellow perfectionist and typesetting aficionado (and I’m sure you are!) as well as an English language purist ;), I see that this is a high-quality work, and that you put quite some time into the creation of the report posts. Your report posts should be set as the standard for Planet KDE!

    –Ignat Semenov aka thorGT

    P.S. You and your project *do* deserve the 5000 dollars. This is a mature and solid project that has great practical value and will no doubt be used in the real life, as opposed to some other projects out there whose results will disappear into the void or simply not be used at all.

  2. @thorGT: Sorry for the late reply. Do you mean the captions that WordPress creates for inserted images, or the font I used in the picture with the 41 cases in my previous post?

    If you mean the WordPress captions, I think that’s just Georgia if you have it installed, otherwise whatever default serif font your web browser picks.

    If you mean the font in the 41 cases picture, then that’s Adobe Caslon Pro. It’s a variant of the original Caslon font used, among other things, for the United States Constitution and its Declaration of Independence.

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