Call for Help — Styles Widget for Calligra Words


Some of us in the Calligra team recently got together and held an IRC meeting to discuss a redesign of the text styles dock widget in Calligra Words. The meeting was attended by both coders and usability people. A full summary of the meeting is available on the wiki, but some of the conclusions were:

  1. We need two dock widgets: one compact for people who value screen real-estate and one big dock widget for the styles junkies out there who always wants to have the list of text styles available on-screen.
  2. Applying styles should be a one-click operation.
  3. As the styles dock widgets are mostly used to apply styles, styles should be presented in the dock widgets as a simple list, not as a tree showing the inheritance between styles.
  4. Previewing of styles should as much as possible be done in-list. That is, items in the styles lists are previews of themselves.

Apart from that, most of what was decided at the meeting were details regarding the implementation.

Below are some preliminary mock-ups of how we envision the new styles widget to be used in the two dock widgets. Note that the same styles widget will be used in both these dock widgets, so the two dockers will probably share 99% of their code.

Compact Dock Widget Mock-up. Click to enlarge.
Compact Docker Mock-up. Click to enlarge.
Big Dock Widget Mock-up. Click to enlarge.
Big Dock Widget Mock-up. Click to enlarge.

Call for Help!

Some preliminary coding of the styles widget to be used in the two new dockers has been started by Casper, but now we’re looking for someone to finish the work. The task involves implementing the actual list view used in these two new dock widgets. If you feel that you

  • want to help out with making Calligra Words a lot more usable
  • have some experience with the Qt model/view framework
  • want to work with a motivated and friendly team of developers
  • like to have your work shine at a very prominent place in Calligra Words

then you’re the one we’re looking for! If you’re interested in helping out, you’re welcome to contact us in the Calligra Team either in #calligra on or on our mailing list.

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