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Hello again,

As you may remember from my last post, I was cheating in my screencast; the table height was hard-coded and the cell heights were not adjusted to content height. What I needed to do was to handle the following case:

Cell Heights Adjustment
Cell Heights Adjustment

I have just commited the beginnings of this in r997173. TableLayout now has an updateCellContentHeight(QTextTableCell&) API, which is called once the content of a cell has been laid out in Layout::nextParag().

There are a lot of rough edges, and my tests of course broke left and right, but it principally works, fingers crossed ;) Here’s a video demonstration:

Cell Heights Calculations
Cell Heights Calculations

Direct link (1:30 min, 7.6 MB Ogg/Theora).

I skipped uploading to Vimeo this time, as it’s so clunky. I don’t think anyone will miss Flash right?

Anyway, my dear mom just appeared and is taking me out to eat, then I need to start fixing/extending those tests, so bye for now!

7 thoughts on “Tables Update – Heights

  1. First, thank you for this, it may not be flashy, but it’s much needed.

    Now off topic: I really like your graphics. What do you use to make them? The shadow effects and colours are great.

  2. Hey John! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Someone commented on my graphics in the last post too. I just use Inkscape. A picture can tell more than a thousand words sometimes. As Karbon is gaining more and more features, I might stay loyal to KOffice and use it in some future post :)

    The shadow is just a blue-tinted rectangle with some blur. I used a blue hue from the Oxygen palette.

  3. Hey Daniel,

    Yes I actually tried to get the HTML5 video tag working, but for some reason all I got was a gray box in Firefox 3.5 (other HTML5 demo videos worked for me). I think it might have something to do with the DOCTYPE that WordPress is using. My web server is serving it up with the correct MIME type (video/ogg).

    I gave up on it for the moment, but as soon as someone makes a nice integrated editing plugin for WordPress for inserting correct HTML5 video tags, I’ll start using it. For now, you’ll have to settle with a direct download link :)

    It’s great that HTML will finally have good support for video and audio. I hate Flash for serving video with a passion.

  4. well, as i work offshore, i’m stuck with locked down corporate computers for internet access, which strangely enough can’t read ogg videos. it’s IE6, or 7 if i’m lucky… which means no clicking links on, and no videos if it ain’t flash/youtube…

    sad pengiun…

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