Small tip for konquering subclassers

To prevent my poor little blog from feeling completely abandoned, I’m hereby making a little post with a small tip for fellow Qt developers about to subclass one of the abstract base classes in Qt for the first time, who might not know the pure virtuals that needs to be re-implemented like the back of their hands.

In Konqueror, when at the Qt documentation page for the ABC in question; Ctrl+F3, check the Regular expressions option and type (\)|const) = 0 followed by Enter. After that, use F3 and Shift+F3 to search back and forth between the pure virtuals you need to re-implement.

Small and trivial tip, but gave me a reason to blog :)

Have a nice weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!

PS. Yes the title of this blog is a very lame attempt at a joke. I’m quite proud. DS.

EDIT: I just realized that the function header in the detailed documentation further the page is followed by “[pure virtual]”, which means just searching for “pure virtual” is probably better and kind of moots the point of this whole post.. oh well.

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