990 Service Engine Error

Today I was bored at the office so I decided to do something different. In my dad’s office stands an old Lexmark Optra C710 which we leased for a while and eventually bought. It has costed us a small fortune, but has never really been used much. My dad always complains that it’s so slow and the quality is really crappy. Now I know that this is mostly because it’s been hooked up to his machine using a slow parallel port, even though it has a 100Mbit/s ethernet connection, and that the quality problem is probably because it’s running out of Yellow.

So I asked Tomas to help me, and together we heaved this beast onto a pallet wagon and dragged it over to my office and lifted in onto a desk. It weighs about 35-40 kg! I hooked it up to the network, installed some drivers and tried to print a test page. After half an hour of looking at “Busy” on the printer LCD, I turned it off and then back on and was greeted with “990 Service Engine Error”.

This error sounded really grave to me, and I considered giving up and send this thing to the printer graveyard. But first I googled the error, and got a hit on some site for amateur printer repairing. After reading a bit, I decided to open the thing up. This is what it looks like:

Innards of the C710
Innards of the C710

From a bit of reading and manually playing around with the “clutch” for the service engine during start-up, which you can do by turning a green little knob, and also measuring the resistance of the service motor itself, I’ve decided that something must be wrong with the engine controller. I love how that green little knob has been put in there just for debugging. Now the best option seems to be to replace the entire engine block, marked on the picture below:

Service engine block
Service engine block

After some more googling I found a pirated service manual and parts catalog, and I’ve asked a dealer to quote a price for me for the part I need (#12G1225 BLOCK ASM OPC/COUPLING DRIVE). It seems hard to find these kind of things since the printer is pretty old.

Anyway, I’ll post more when I’ve found the part and tried to fix it. Gotto catch a bus now. BBL.

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