Hello PlanetKDE

Since I occasionally do write about KDE and Qt development here, I took the liberty of adding myself to the planet. My contributions to KDE so far is limited to a few patches here and there. I’d like to contribute more, but most of the time my work puts an end to that. I am however taking up studies in January, which will hopefully result in more spare time for KDE.

I’ve added a tag to my blog for posts that should be picked up, so you’ll only see KDE-related posts, with maybe a couple of general technology related ones every now and then, if you don’t mind :)

Sorry about the somewhat ugly hackergotchi, it was the only picture I had available at the moment, and my photo editing skills aren’t top notch exactly.

As an avid reader of PlanetKDE, it’s nice to now be in the boat with the rest of you guys and gals!

4 thoughts on “Hello PlanetKDE

  1. Thanks ;)

    To others; Sorry if the comment form looked messed up for a brief moment there. I started messing around with installing the reCAPTCHA plugin and had to hack my theme a bit for them to play nice together. Working now.

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